Exclusive: Cyn Santana Talks About Expecting Her First Child with Joe Budden, That Photoshoot, and Planning the Most "Extra" Baby Shower

"Baby shower. Needs to be big, grand, extra!"

One of the things Cyn Santana was most excited about when she found out she was pregnant (aside from the arrival of baby Budden) was capturing this heavenly moment with the photoshoot that shook the 'gram. Now, she has a grande vision of the baby shower for her first child. Here's a hint: It involves unicorns.

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In this exclusive interview with, Cyn talks about all thing babies and she is absolutely glowing. Now that word is out that she and Joe are expecting a Baby Budden, Cyn is enthusiastically anticipating this next chapter in her life. In creating her Beyoncè-esque photoshoot that woke the world out of their sleep, Cyn wanted the concept to embody her mood, angelic. The photos turned out beautiful and Cyn reveals she had no idea her celestial shoot would receive such an overwhelming response of love from family and friends. Among all of the support, one double-tap she did not expect to get was from the bad gal herself, Rihanna. Let me repeat that. Rihanna.

As saintly as the shoot was, Cyn says she began to feel a little annoyed when she thought Joey wasn't paying attention. Little did she realize that he was drawing in inspiration to write that beautiful soliloquy fans would later gush over. She had no idea he wrote such passionate poem and in an effort to not ruin her makeup, Cyn decided to read it after the shoot was a wrapped.

Cyns baby shower expectations? Well, it needs to be "big, grand, and extra." If you're blessed enough to be invited, you may have to dress up in a gown or like-clothing, but also be comfortable enough to hop on a Ferris Wheel lit up with Baby Budden's name. She's aiming to have lava cakes and even a unicorn. It may seem like it's all over the place but it's coming from Cyn so shut it, that's the theme.

Now that Joe and Cyn's family is expanding, Cyn realizes she is as well so hitting up the mall was a must. Being comfortable, fly, and preggers isn't that easy to pull off in her experience. The struggle in finding clothes to fit a pregnant woman is real which is why Cyn is looking to start her own maternity line under her own line, NU.

We are so happy for these two!