Alaska Accuses Tiffany of Practicing Black Magic in the 'Scared Famous' House, But Watch What Happens When Her Attempt at Sorcery Goes Wrong

"Alaska is in some sh*t that I cannot help her."

Lesson of the day: in the Scared Famous house, you're welcome to look but you should never touch.

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Alaska finds a talisman in front of their veranda and immediately gets fired up. She has had enough of Tiffany "New York" Pollard aka the "HBIC" tampering with unfamiliar spirits in the house and putting everyone's safety in jeopardy. She decides to go up against the queen bee in order to put a stop to her black magic shenanigans once and for all. But it seems she might have made a mistake in touching the relic.

Tiffany, of course, denies any type of involvement with the talisman, but lets Alaska know that she made a huge mistake in touching it. These spirits creeping around the house are very territorial, and when you get all touchy-feely with these highly powerful elements, bad things can happen. Very bad things. Alaska, you know you done messed up, right?

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