You Hating or Nah? Sky Goes Awf When Donna Admits She Doesn't Feel Her Atlanta Promotion Was Deserved

"Donna is being the most ungrateful b---h. Instead of knocking me down you need to be apologizing to a b---h and [congratulating] a b---h."

Donna makes it very clear to Sky that she does not care for her or her promotion in this Black Ink Crew highlight.

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Jokes are flying around the shop about Ceaser's method to appointing the people in power at Black Ink. Donna is still a little salty about Atlanta and says she would definitely sit on somebody's face to get a higher position. Sky and Cease walk in at the right time and naturally want to know what's so funny. Ted puts them on that word on the street is that in order to get to top you need to give the boss, top and Cease swerves that conversation. He officially announces that the shop will be expanding to the A and he would be taking Sky along with him.

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