Spice Up Your Life With This Photo of All of the Spice Girls Together in One Place

Looks like girl power is alive and well.

People of the world! Every boy and every girl! Are you ready to spice up your whole damn life today? Well, here's the story from A to Z.

Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice shared a photo of all of The Spice Girls in the same place at the same time on social media and every '90s kid is rejoicing. This is the first time that the ladies have been photographed together since 2012, when they made an epic comeback at the London Olympics.

The girls met at Geri Horner aka Ginger Spice's house to reportedly discuss...wait for it...another reunion!


Don't worry about me, just over here crying because friendship really never ends.


Beckham was one of the members of the girl group who was reluctant to do a reunion, saying last year that it just wasn't going to happen, "'ve gotta know when it's time to say, 'That was great.'" It looks like she has finally changed her mind!


While we probably won't be getting a full-on tour, The Sun reports that the girls were talking about television projects in China, a new TV show, endorsement deals, and a greatest hits album.


Until it's official, I'll be listening to their entire discography on repeat. Who do I have to pay to make this reunion go far beyond Instagram?

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