Mo Walks In on Heather and Her Husband Doing That Christian Butt Paddling Thing And It's As Awkward As You Think

"They really leave their doors unlocked!"

In this Daytime Divas highlight clip, things get very, very weird when Mo drops by Heather's house with Leon to film her next video segment. What was intended to be a casual pop up visit turns hella awkward when Mo walks in on Heather literally being paddled by her husband. Uhh...come again?

As Mo and Leon enter the house, they think the devout Christian couple is getting it in. But actually, Heather's husband has a very strange way of reinforcing submissiveness into his wife, and yes it involves Bible verses as well. This is a very strange discovery indeed, but you never know what freaky things go down behind closed doors. I bet next time, Mo and Leon will acrually wait for someone to actually let them in first.

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