Erica Mena Shades The Ish Out Of Ex-Fiance Bow Wow, Says She Understands Why He Claims To Be "Mixed"

That's the Erica we remember.

Lawd, all the palm trees in Miami have nothing on Erica Mena.

Earlier today, Bow Wow found himself in yet another social media feud but this time with Blogxilla, the entertainment editor at Global Grind. The beef began when Blogxilla released a brief clip from an upcoming interview with Erica where they speak about the retired rapper.

He begins by asking her how she felt about seeing Bow Wow and his ex "cozying" up on the couch Erica purchased. Mena keeps it cute and changes the subject. When Blogxilla asks her about Bow Wow's comments where he said he can't relate to the BLM Movement because he's "mixed", Erica does stand behind her ex's comments... kinda. Erica says, “To his defense, Black guys are packing. So I get why he’s saying he’s not Black.”

Watch this hilarious clip from my interview with @IamErica_Mena | Now on @GlobalGrind— The Almighty Xilla (@BlogXilla) September 8, 2016


Obvi, Shad caught feelings from the clip and internet thugged his way into Blogxilla's mentions:

@BlogXilla but i mean it's expected. She cant get on tv so she calls the only person who can give her 2 mins you and vlad. Dont get ***** up— Shad Moss(Bow Wow) (@smoss) September 8, 2016

It's not over yet. Blogxilla clapped back at the rapper, even dropped the geotag, Bloop!

Did you just threaten me? Bro you know this shit is WWE.— The Almighty Xilla (@BlogXilla) September 8, 2016

Erica then came to the blogger's defense and began prepping for a blow back from Bow Wow:

Awe!!! ?? Don't let the truth ever get to you.— Erica Mena (@iamErica_Mena) September 8, 2016

Just be ready for the rant and dissing post in 5 4 3 2 .......???— Erica Mena (@iamErica_Mena) September 8, 2016

However no blow back followed. In a weird plot twist, Bow Wow took to Instagram to apologize and says he still has love for his exes:

The money means nothing. I thought it did. Its just security its comfort so you can live and do what you want. Im learning now to live life smile breathe in fresh air hear birds talk go grab a sandwich and sit down DOLO NO SECURITY NO NOTHING. Im changing yall. I really am. I think this 30 creeping up on me. To add on ... Im sorry if i ever offended anyone or my enemies day ones my fans whomever. Yall bout to see a drastic change. Its gone be hard to not pop off haha but i will bite my tongue. I have no problems w know one. My exes i love yall dearly (just stop asking me aboutem in interviews haha) Haha its all love on the real. I just wanna raise my daughter dominate tv and film and live MY LIFE support my daughter mom and my moms. Even my bestfriend who im no longer cool w like that i even heard u talking crazy fool even though we not you know.... Its still love. Id never trip on you. Im off it. I got too much good coming my way to be spending time on stuff that aint making me a dime. Toast to the change. Toast to the NEW FRIENDS GOD PUT IN FRONT OF ME. @kyrieirving @wackstar my boy AL sup josh @yaboijus718 @killa_sham @chillydubb_mhg @iamdjjus @khleothomas forever my lil bros! @bigzz1 @justdjsimple TOOK ME TO GET TO SEPT THE 8th age 29 for life to hit me. Thanks yall. Even my haters i needed to hear how yall felt. Thank you! #lamborghinimoss IM GOING TO NEEDS YALLS HELP to stay calm hahaha its gone be hard but pls stay on me. If yall can do that i promise ill hold things down on my end. Even to the city i was born in. I apologize to columbus when yall needed me its like i coudnt be there. The crimes the things yall tweet me with i was being stubborn if yall dont like me then oh well ill never come back type stuff. That will never get it right. I will come back give back in a big way and correct it all. Its how we clean things up and get better. I never looked at myself like that was a job of mine to uphold but i see it was. Whatever i have to do to repair that i will. Because it starts with me. Im the only one to make it out. Ill come back. Im already planning on something big and the proceeds from the show and tix sales goes to columbus public city schools!

Didn't see that coming!