VH1 Stars Mourn the Loss of Philando Castile and Continue to Urge All to Take Action

"I can't keep calm, I have a black son."

It was only that yesterday we reported on the death of Alton Sterling, the 37 year-old man was murdered at the hands of police outside of a convenience store on July 5th, 2016. Today, sadly another black man, Philando Castile, 32, has become a hashtag as he was shot while being pulled over by the police.

The latest shooting came to light after Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of Castile, recorded the aftermath of the incident in a Facebook Live video. In the viral video, you see the last moments of Castile's life. According to Reynolds, the couple were stopped for a busted tail light and a compliant Castile notified the officer he was carrying a registered firearm. Reynolds alleges he was then shot in the arm after reaching for his wallet.

The outrage from the masses only continues to grow, as every day it seems there is another person, specifically black men, murdered at the hands of authority. VH1 stars mourn the loss of Philando Castile, and are continuing to use their platform to promote a call to action.


"For those who say we only rap about guns & dope.... #AmerikkkaAintShit #TheyNeverGaveAFuckAboutUS #JusticeforUsOrElse

Oh so we just Gon go for this???? Every so called Hard Core,Real N---a, Certified,Thug,Goon,Shooter,Hitter,Killa,

Gunna,Street N---a,Trap N---a, Tough n---a posed to show what they been training for now. If u won't stand up for what's right, You ain't gettin no stripes for doing wrong!!!! #Ameri---aAintS--t #TheyNeverGaveAF--kAboutUS"


The former Love & Hip Hop star, reposted,"@bryanbanksbranding using @RepostRegramApp - I said "It's hard not to hate" yesterday after watching a man with empty hands be shot 6 times while laying on his back. It's just as hard to hear people attempt to justify the hunt on the black man. I even had someone say it's not a black and white thing. It's a police thing. Anybody seen a video of a black cop shooting an unarmed or (empty handed) white person lately or ever?? If it happens then, it's a cop thing but until then it's new millennial slavery. They yell, if you don't do what they say quick enough they beat you and tell you "Don't move!!!" As you get pummeled and if they feel like it they kill us with no consequence. Mike Vicks dogs got more justice than all 559 black men killed by police in 2016. Today I begin the BOYCOTT of EVERY business that supports the injustice. **** Meaning I won't spend my MONEY anywhere that has stock in prisons, uses prison labor, has spoken out in support of the injustice or has a history of being funded by the slave trade. There's a lot of them but as the largest consumers on the planet (black people in America) we can drastically effect the economy by starving the undeserving of our resources, truly rebuild our wealth and begin to take control instead of asking for it. If McDonald's,Starbucks,Family Dollar, Walmart etc, didn't get a dollar from us today how quickly would corporations put pressure on these politicians??? They say the best way to teach someone is to hit them in the pockets.............. or the mouth. It will be a challenge & we will have to do more but this will be MORE affective than just Marching. I'll eat bread and water before I PAY an Oppressor✔? PLEASE JOIN ME✌

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Masika Kalysha

Brittish Williams

The former Basketball Wives LA star wrote, "This is real life! This is what everyone understands and knows! That's why I don't respect absolutely any excuse that these authorities and police officers give for their actions! Because not one damn person stood up! Because we are the most discriminated, mistreated, abandoned race their is! Wake up people!"

Rah Ali

The Love & Hip Hop NY star reposted, "Rp @Mcl_Pr "I don't typically discuss my feelings on public issues on social media but this truly has me sick. I couldn't even sleep. To sit here and KNOW that there are people in this world who think this is ACCEPTABLE has me so uncomfortable. To know that our legal system SEEMS to be co-signing these actions is a hard pill to swallow. I pray for all the families and friends. I pray for everyone who is affected by these unGodly acts. I will unfortunately continue to pray for the men and women who will have to endure more pain in the near future because it seems this isn't stopping anytime soon. God knows I'm trying to stay optimistic that I won't have to see another #hashtag for another soul who was taken from us too soon. God help us all"

DJ Self

The Love & Hip Hop star posted a personal story about his daughter, writing, "I'm very bothered my daughter called me Crying today about the shootings that's going on my child is Bi racial and I feel she was crying cause I think she feels that person who can die like this can be me I'm writing this cause I feel kids respect social media although I told you this on FaceTime your Dad will be ok please teach the kids on both side so we won't go thru this as years come I love you my Child and I will Be ok"

Althea Heart

"Speak Angel!!!, 'I'm here to change history" #SandraBland #prophetic ps. No way THIS woman killed herself in custody'"

Hit The Floor's Jonathan McDaniel

The actor asked, "What YOU gonna do about it?"

Momma Dee

Momma Dee wrote, "If anything ever happened 2 my Prince @reallilscrappy I would never be the same woman again!!! Hold on tight to your sons n daughters but more importantly hold on 2 da truth of knowing that all Black Men whether rich or poor, criminal or not, all have a target on their backs living in this unjust society!! #MommaDee #AllLivesMatter"