From Tina Turner To Taylor Swift: The 15 Greatest Legs In The Music Biz

"Hot Legs," "Drop Dead Legs," and (of course) ZZ Top's "Legs." Yes, many odes have been written to honor those two things that keep us walking around. But now it's time for that age-old question: Who has the greatest set of stems in the music business? VH1 is on the case, and the results may surprise you...JK, no it won't. But everyone likes hot legs, right?  RihannaTaylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus -all of your favorites are on the list!

From every day short shorts, to concert-worthy wardrobes, legs are a crucial to strutting your rock star status. From classic ladies like Cher and Tina Turner, to country ladies like Carrie Underwood, to kind of cray ladies like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, all are rep'd, all are lovely, and all are here. Head up to the gallery above for more!