Ovaries, Beware: Ryan Reynolds Reemerged at Comic-Con as an Even More Perfect Version of His Former Perfect Self

♪ Where have you been all my life ♪

Maybe it's because he's been under the radar for a while, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts. Maybe because his subtle spray tan with a dash of salt and pepper made us feel things we've never felt before. But when Ryan Reynolds came back into the light at Comic-Con this weekend, it was a sight for sore eyes and then some.

The Self/Less actor and DILF extraordinaire hit up the San Diego festival to promote Marvel's upcoming film Deadpool. And while he's been missing in our lives for a little bit, he proved in that time, he got it right and got it tight.

We'll ease you in slowly. Here are his bulging arms.

At 38, you can literally move mountains, and movie CGI ain't got shit.

OK, enough of that. Here's the real stuff.

And a close up to prove it's real.

Here we are like:


Ryan's always been hot. But damn.

Wait, there's more. Here he is grabbing the mic, about to serenade you with sweet nothings.

***ALERT*** He's licking his lips.

And then this DILF explosion happened.

As well as this one.

Here he is towering over Stan Lee.

Like the tree of a man he is.

I don't know exactly what it is, but I'll never be the same.

And he knows it.

Don't ever leave us again, Ryan.

You or your Calvins that we wish were on our floor rn.

But bye for now.