Rico Love Reveals The Deeper Meaning Behind 'Turn The Lights On' In This Playback Sneak Peek

"You can't hide too much when everybody's watching."

After years of playing the background, penning smash hits for the likes of Beyonce, Usher, Diddy and many more. Rico Love is stepping back into the forefront as an artist with the recently-released major label debut, Turn The Lights On.

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Rico isn't a stranger to life as an artist — the bonafide hit-maker got his start in the music biz as an up-and-coming rapper signed to Usher's short-lived imprint, US Records. His initial debut, The 5th Element, would never see the light of day, but the lights would eventually find him years later in 2013, thanks to the buzzing radio single, "They Don't Know."

With a successful track record as a go-to songwriter/producer, Rico Love now switches the focus back to what originally got him here - his artistry. Find out how his signature saying ended up as the title of his new album, and why true honesty was the best policy when it came to crafting his magnum opus.

Stay tuned for the full episode of Playback with Rico Love, dropping much sooner than you think.