Tamar Braxton is Not Letting Baby Drama Involving Her Husband and Laura Govan Ruin Her 2018

Sis didn't come to play today!

By Jasmine Washington


Laura Govan addressed Tamar's accusations by calling in to The Breakfast Club to deny any allegations of hooking up with or being pregnant by Vince Herbert. "I think he’s a great guy but he’s so not my type. I got a type, that ain’t it. I like em a little lighter, a little whiter, a little nicer. Nah, I’m just kidding…” When asked why she thinks Tamar pointed the finger at her, she claims, "I don’t know. I was just as surprised when I saw that stuff. I was like, ‘What happened? What went wrong? Why is she saying this?’… I mean I have an idea but I can’t talk about it.”

Check the full interview where Laura gives her side of the story and spills a little bit of tea on the guy she's seeing now.


Tamar Braxton is looking forward to a fresh start in the new year and she won't let baby mama drama with her estranged husband Vince Herbert and former Basketball Wives star Laura Govan get in her way. Months after filing for divorce from her husband of nine years, Braxton set social media on fire spilling all the tea on her husband getting a woman pregnant and somehow Govan is involved in the situation.

The drama began when the "Love and War" songstress revealed that a woman she refers to as a "stupid broke a** whore" recently contacted her with news of a baby on the way with Tamar's hubby. Despite the messy situation, Braxton revealed that Herbert has been trying to reconcile with her as recently as Christmas.

While her lengthy Instagram post did not name the mother of Herbert's child, she did name drop Govan after a response from a fan. Tamar wrote, "I'm not addressing that WHORE.. I'm addressing him... [eye emoji] not unless it's @lauramgovan??? Cause her baby's daddy said they were f*****g around too ain't that your home girl," after a commenter told her "Queen never address peasants.. stay on your throne."

After some digging on social media, several online blogs found that Govan was friends with Braxton or at least friendly enough to appear in a series of pictures with her.

Though we still don't know exactly how Laura Govan is involved in this whole thing, Tamar Braxton appears to be optimistic about what's to come. "Say what u want about me... but I'm good & Got Damn tired of all the bull...2018 belongs to who DARES to take your life back...I'm FIRST in Line!"

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