These Mommy Blogs Are So Good, You Don't Need to Be a Mom to Love Them

There's a tip in here for everyone.

Everything about being a new mom, from breastfeeding to potty training, brings about loads of questions for new moms. Although a new baby doesn't come with an instruction manual, there is help out there. Unlike generations before us that learned it all through trial & error, moms noawadays have loads and loads of resources literally at their fingertips in the form of mommy blogs.

Despite what the name suggests, mommy blogs have become a misnomer. Some of today's most popular parenting sites have evolved to offer everything from kids tips to general lifestyle advice. You'd be shocked to learn that some of them have a huge 20 something audience of folks who aren't even parents yet!

Take a scroll through and check out some life-saving mommy blogs we can all love. Don’t forget to tune in to watch Dear Mama, which airs Monday, May 8th at 10 PM ET/PT.

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