Watch Safaree Being Super Extra With All the Ladies of 'Hip Hop Squares', Except Chanel West Coast

Underneath all of those fur coats, is a generous modern day gentleman.

Even though Safaree isn't perfect, we should give a round of applause to his mother, Mama Shirley for raising the perfect gentleman.

Hip Hop Squares is back and the queen Mona Scott Young was getting adjusted in her seat when Safaree assisted her in getting comfortable—going as far as to fluff her pillows. His crusade of chivalry extended to Miss Nikki Baby, but TBH, or maybe he just wanted a view of her getting out of her chair. He couldn't help all of the ladies get to their seats, Chanel West Coast was already seated before he could make his way up to her square. But according to DeRay it's all good because "white people do get to their seats fast."

Dropping down to do a quick set of pushups may have seemed extra, but how else is Safaree going to keep up the muscles needed to push in chairs for ladies?

Hip Hop Squares airs new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c.