Doppelsingers: 15 Modern Singers Who Sound Scarily Similar To Classic Artists

If you like the legends, you'll LOVE these new singers.

By Frank Donovan

We can’t be the only ones whose ears did a double take when we heard Ariana Grande’s whistle tones, right? She sounds just like Mariah Carey! These days Ariana’s hits are a welcome addition to our “Dance to Glass-Breaking High Notes” playlist, among so many Mariah classics. The uncanny vocal similarity of these divas inspired us to assemble 15 sound-alikes to freshen up your playlists. So when you’ve exhausted the library of your favorite classic artists, whether it’s the Beatles, Billie Holliday, or Amy Winehouse—have no fear, the doppelsingers are here.

Ariana Grande totally sounds like Mariah Carey

Thank you, Ariana. We'd been missing those whistle tones.

Animal Collective totally sound like The Beach Boys

That harmony is a dead ringer for The Beach Boys and we don't mind it.

Tame Impala's Kevin Parker totally sounds like John Lennon

This one's downright spooky, but Parker says it's unintentional.

Dionne Bromfield totally sounds like Amy Winehouse

There's an explanation here--Winehouse was Bromfield's godmother. But, still...weird.

Gotye totally sounds like Peter Gabriel

We trust you thought the same thing in 2011, Summer of Gotye

Mika totally sounds like Freddie Mercury

Mika even references the comparison at 1:44.

Jennifer Hudson totally sounds like Loleatta Holloway

Listening to Holloway makes us wish Hudson would record fewer ballads and more club hits.

Madeleine Peyroux totally sounds like Billie Holliday

It's so easy to mistake that dreamy, husky style of Peyroux for Holliday.

Charli XCX totally sounds like Gwen Stefani

They both have that PUNCH.

Chris Isaak totally sounds like Roy Orbison

Orbison had one of the greatest and most distinctive voices, but Isaak's haunting style comes darn close to it.

Scissor Sisters totally sounds like Elton John

Scissor Sisters are so very '70s Elton John. In fact, they even wrote a song with the great Captain Fantastic.

Tobias Jesso, Jr. totally sounds like Harry Nilsson

Newcomer Jesso said he wasn't going for Nilsson, but he got it anyway.

Nouvelle Vague totally sounds like Astrud Gilberto

We could listen to these Bossa Nova sound-alikes all day.

Stealer's Wheel totally sounds like Bob Dylan

The drawn-out speak-singing from Stealer's Wheel on "Stuck in the Middle With You" is very Dylan.

Emitt Rhodes totally sounds like Paul McCartney

There's even a documentary on Rhodes called The One Man Beatles.