Twitter Roasts Future For Saying He "Made" Ciara

Twitter comes to Ciara's defense.

A new song by Future has come to light, and he's got some not-so-kind words for Ciara.

His new song "How It Feel" has Twitter in an uproar over many lines aimed at his r&b singer ex. "Ask me how it feel just to smash some r&b sh*t," he sings. By the end of the track, things get very personal as Future goes off on Ciara during the outro monologue. He doesn't mention her by name, but it's pretty clear who the anger in his voice is aimed towards.

"I made you, b*tch," he says. "B*tch, you weren't nothing before me. I gave you fame on the 'gram. I put you back on them charts... We gave you b*tches some hits."

It's a pretty bold statement by Future, but Twitter isn't having it. Fans quickly took to Ciara's defense and are roasting Future accordingly.