Sneak Peek: Rick Ross, Lenny S. and The-Dream Are Dead Ass Serious About Sending People Home at the Opening Auditions on 'SIGNED'

The moguls are not here to play no games.

None of the typical music studio antics are happening in the very first sneak peak of our new show Signed. That's probably because all of the artists, rappers and singers, are trying to calm their nerves before hopping in the booth to audition in front of "the moguls" — Rick Ross,Lenny S. and The-Dream

Obviously the young artists are nervous because they're about to perform original songs in front of three of the biggest names in music, in the hopes of getting signed to one of their labels. Everyone is low-key sizing up the competition, trying to seem cool in front of everyone else, and mentally preparing for the biggest opportunity of their careers. Different artist have different motivators and are here to impress different moguls, but they all seem hungry to make it.

On the mogul side, the vibe is a little different because the pressure isn't on them. Duh. They're here to see who has natural talent and can be developed into an artist that is ready to be signed and make hits. The-Dream makes it clear: If you don't have the talent, there's the door. Lenny S. says these auditions will help them pick three priorities to develop this week. Rick Ross is here to make money, ugh!

Be sure to tune into the premiere on July 26th at 9 ET.