Kendall's Bestie Gigi Hadid Shares Her Support for Caitlyn Jenner

Also, Donald Trump wants on the Caitlyn Jenner publicity train.

Gigi Hadid is Kendall Jenner's BFF, and what a supportive bestie she is. According to The Gossip Table, Gigi said she was "thrilled" about Caitlyn's Vanity Fair cover.

"I'm excited for her," Hadid said. "I kind of knew there was a cover coming out, but to see it was exciting for me. It's a really beautiful cover."

Also, according to our friends at The Gossip Table, Donald Trump has big plans for Caitlyn, like having her on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice and inviting her to be a judge for his pageants. We're sure his intentions are totally pure and honorable and not at all rooted in making money and getting attention.

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