Lyrical Low-Points: The 20 Most Awesomely Bad Song Lyrics Ever

Wop bopa-a-lu a whop bam boom. Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy. Sha na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaa. Yes, rock ’n’ roll has had more than its fair share of nonsense lyrics.  And we’re totally fine with that. Usually the groove is strong enough to keep you from thinking about the not-so-deep thoughts you’re shouting over top. But songwriters occasionally stretch the English language to its breaking-point, while using some truly horrendous metaphors and insane philosophical insights.  And sometimes it’s just poor grammar that makes us pause the song and scream “What did they just say!?”

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Case in point: music legend Neil Diamond. The 125-million seller has been inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, despite penning this head-scratching line about the “song she sang to me /song she brang to me,” which appeared in his classic “Play Me.” And of course there was this puzzling passage from “I Am…I Said”- “And no one heard at all/not even the chair.” But we don’t mean to pick on poor Neil. Plenty of artists have had a written some clunky lines over the years. Head up to the gallery above to see some of our favorite “so-bad-it’s-good” lyrics ever. Enjoy!

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