J. Cole Thinks Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail Marketing Campaign Is “Genius”

J. Cole is just one of the many spectacular artists that will be performing tomorrow night at the Philly 4th Of July Jam, but that’s not the only thing that this burgeoning hip-hop superstar is looking forward to tomorrow. Of course, July 4 also marks the high-profile release of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, a project that was developed in near secrecy, but also one that’s game-changing marketing campaign is drawing raves.

“I love the way [Jay-Z] is marketing his album,” J. Cole confessed to us during a recent sitdown. “It’s genius, you know what I mean? How he dropped his album with no singles? That’s the spirit. I wanted to do the same thing [with Born Sinner], but I’m not in the position. If I had that kind of clout, I’d be trying to do the same thing.”

He continued, “I respect him for being so deep in the game, with all these years in, and [he is] still trying to new ways to do things.”

Be sure and check out J. Cole, John Mayer, Jill Scott, Ne-Yo, host Kevin Hart and more tomorrow night, July 4, streaming live at PhillyJam.VH1.com!

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