Who is Kiyanne, the Rapper At MariahLynn's Slumber Party?

Get to know the rapper who had a lil' pillow fight with Mariahlynn and Bianca.

This week on Love & Hip Hop, Mariahlynn decided to celebrate her new...assets by having a lingerie night. She, of course, invited her girl Bianca Bonnie, who brought along her friend. The newcomer,Kiyanne, has shown us that she loves to tell it like it is. But what else do we know about her?

She's a super talented rapper.

She has been rapping since she was 15 years old, though she says that she has really come into her own since then. She is best known for "Couple B-tches," a freestyle that went viral and helped to get her over 300,000 followers on social media.

She's 23 years old and a native New Yorker.

Kiyanne is from Queens (by way of Long Island) and calls herself Rap's New Problem Child. She also has an alter ego, Thotty D, who is the "vulgar" side of Kiyanne.

She's a mother!

Though she doesn't share photos of her son on social media, Kiyanne has said, "Giving birth to my son was my best moment this past year." He's even featured in one of her videos. Do you think he'll end up being a rapper like his mom?

She spends her time making funny videos for the 'gram.

On top of being a rapper, Kiyanne makes short videos that are absolutely hilarious. We wonder if she'll be bringing the laughs this season...

She's dating Jaquae, who we all know is fresh off a breakup with Sophia Body, so we'll just have to see the ~*drama*~ that causes.

I mean, her caption for this photo was, "I won’t 'dog' you babe," which is a little shady considering Jacquae broke things off with Sophia for accepting a dog from James R. Is there a confrontation in their future?

Jaquae, DJ Self, and Rich Dollaz take shots at Jaquae's thinking cap, then Navarro & Rich discuss the drama at Navarro's building dedication.