Friday Face-Off: Best Video Make-Outs!

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and we all have the same thing on our minds: that sultry kiss we’ll be having at the stroke of midnight. Some of you may already have a special someone in mind, while others may be in panic mode. Who is going to be my midnight kiss? your mind is screaming silently. You’ve spent weeks coordinating the perfect NYE party to attend, dedicated endless hours to selecting the sharpest, sleekest and most sequin-tastic attire to wear to said party, and still – the planning is not be complete. Who is going to be your lucky smooch when the ball drops?

The answer is: someone. I promise you this. Sure, it may end up being the weird guy in the corner with parachute pants, or it might even be the back of your hand if you’re really in a bind. But someway, somehow – you’re going to get a make-out to remember. In honor of this saliva swapping holiday we call “January 1st” let’s look at the sexiest snogging sessions in music video history. Do you think Maroon 5’s “This Love” or Aerosmith’s “Amazing” earns the title of best tonsil hockey play? Vote now and decide!

Team Maroon 5

Maroon 5’s “This Love” – Adam Levine – you are one shmexy son of a gun. This near-x-rated music video may make you blush a little, but mostly you’re just going to think it’s hot, hot, hot. If you plan on taking a hint from this make-out session for New Year’s Eve, prepare to have a lot of eyes on you. Like, a lot. Because a PDA session like this at a little old end of year partayyy will give guests something to talk about until 2016. So go on and get some ChapStick, find yourself a lip-smacking companion and some H20. It’s time to get “This Love” on.

Team Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s “Amazing” – You can’t help but love the way technology was depicted in the ’90s. It’s just so… so… old school! The characters is this video are basically two cyberspace kids who flee to a world of virtual reality together and it’s awesome. AKA, there’s a fantastic make-out scene on a motorcycle, and nothing else in the video matters. Except maybe that Alicia Silverstone, my ’Clueless’ homegirl, is the lady of the hour – and that makes it extra special.