Jared Leto Joins The Ranks Of Music Superstars Who Had MAJOR Beefs With Their Record Company

  • Def Leppard

  • The Rolling Stones

  • Prince

  • The Clash

  • Van Morrison

  • Neil Young

  • John Fogerty

  • Fiona Apple

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Listen up, Third Seconds To Mars fans! The band’s award winning documentary Artifact gets its world-wide premiere THIS SATURDAY (the 26th) at 11 PM ET/PT on both VH1 and Palladia. The film follows Jared Leto and Co. in the midst of a vicious, multi-year, multi-million dollar fight with their record company over the rights to their 2009 album, the aptly titled This Is War.

When the group attempted to leave EMI/Virgin due to a royalties dispute in 2008, the label leveled a breach of contract lawsuit for $30 million, nearly destroying the band in the process. What follows is an epic battle royale between art, commerce and the legal system.

Thirty Seconds To Mars are hardly the first band to have a rumble with their record company. In fact, it seems kind of par for the course in the music biz! But there have been some memorable clashes over the years, with some occasionally hilarious outcomes. Head up to the gallery above for 15 of the BIGGEST!

And don’t forget: Artifact will make its television premiere on Saturday, April 26th at 11 PM ET/PT on both VH1 and Palladia. Be sure to watch!

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