EXCLUSIVE: The Extended Edit Of Sia’s “Chandelier” Video Has Even More Spellbinding Choreography

We have already been pushing Sia’s “Chandelier” as an early contender for Song of the Summer, and now that the full video has arrived we’re even that much more in love. Reality television fans, get ready. This one is for you.

While her soaring vocals take time to shake, Sia does not appear in the video herself. Instead, “Chandelier” features 11-year-old Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler (wearing a blunt, blonde Sia-esque wig), a fellow performer Sia has been in awe of for a long time. “My dream was to hire her, because she’s such an exceptionally gifted dancer and actor, and then create a kind of world that she wouldn’t normally be a part of,” Sia told VH1. At first glance it may appear like an unlikely collaboration, but the woman who’s written for Rihanna and Beyonce is also a lover of reality TV. “I’ve been chastised for the last 20 years for my addiction to television but finally it’s paying off.” Choreographer Ryan Heffington and Sia collaborated on the final product, making Maddie’s moves a combination of refined artistry and quirkiness. “The gesticulation stuff, I guess some of that was mine. The little eyebrow tug and the kissing cat and the patting of the belly and the spaghetti to the wall, and little bits and pieces were things that I had just seen while here in my bed slash office,” she explained.

After premiering earlier this week, the video has amassed over two million views. But it’s not solely fans who can’t get enough of the talented, pre-teen performer. “People were crying on set because Maddie is so other-worldly. She’s this sweet little 11-year-old, she’s so professional — probably the most professional person I’ve worked with — and then literally turn the music on, and something else takes over. She’s like a channel. It’s so interesting to watch.” VH1 has an exclusive look at the extended version of “Chandelier,” featuring even more splits, leg kicks and extreme moves from the Dance Moms star. Check it out above.