K. Michelle Puts Lyrica on Blast For Messing With Her "Big D-k Friend" Safaree in This 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Highlight

"I'm not faking s--t like you fake your marriage."

One thing about K. Michelle, she doesn't like wasting money, honey. And messing with her bread is cause enough for you to be dragged.

A conversation that started off calm ends in argument with a hooked-up IV. In this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight, K. Michelle tries to tell Lyrica about how much her tardiness cost and things turn left quickly.

The situation escalates when K. Michelle claims that Lyrica has a "music marriage," saying "there's no love or affection" between the songstress and A1. "Dealing with this hoes is draining," so Kimberly gets an IV during her singing session, while Lyrica is left confused. Upset, Lyrica regroups and returns only to be shaded by K some more. The two get on the mic to come at one another and after K accuses Lyrica of trying to slide into Safaree's DM, it's safe to say that Kimberly is still K. Michelle.

Brandy and Monica got nothing on these two with that mic battle they had going on. Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next Monday at 8/7c!