5 Reasons Why Echosmith ARE The Cool Kids

Echosmith’s song “Cool Kids” has been blowing up! It has been climbing to the top of the international charts, as well as our Top 20 Countdown list and Billboard’s Hot 100 on this side of the globe. If you don’t know Echosmith by now, maybe you aren’t one of the the cool kids (JK). But that’s why we’re here, to bring you 5 reasons you NEED to know Echosmith.

1. They released their debut album Talking Dreams on vinyl.
When Echosmith put out their first album last year, they released it exclusively in Hot Topic on a light blue vinyl with a burst of color coming from the center. Not only did they want to pay homage to an older time in music, but the crackle and pop of this album is sure to add one more layer of quality to their already awesome album.


[Photo: @idobiradio]

2. During the unveiling for the Apple Watch, “Cool Kids” was playing on the watch. Talk about great publicity.
Of all the places to see promotion for the band, the Apple Watch was a great move. These kids are literally part of branding for the watch that is bringing us into the future! This just further convinces us that they are way cooler than we are.

3. Echosmith is finding You Oughta Know love by touring with YOK alums American Authors.
For the entire month of October, Echosmith is on the road with the guys from American Authors. Welcome to the YOK¬†family! Not only that, but next month both bands, along with 9 other YOK acts, will be joining forces for one epic night of music at VH1’s You Oughta Know: Live In Concert.

[Photo: @echohomies]

4. They have their own day on Twitter.
Yet another genius marketing idea, Echosmith asks fans to Tweet pictures of their merchandise on Thursdays with the hashtag “#EchosmithThursday” with the promise that they might retweet you.

5. Echosmith are the Spotlight artists for this season of MTV’s hit series Awkward.
If you were wondering where you had heard their songs before, the answer is on MTV. And it’s not just “Cool Kids” playing on Awkward, but other songs from their album have become the soundtrack to Jenna’s everday struggles.

Watch their Speed Round Interview above to learn more about the band and see who they would choose as their new celebrity sibling.