Who The Hell Is… Francesco Yates

19-year-old singer-songwriter Francesco Yates already has musical giants like Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake rooting for his success. This Toronto native started writing songs at the age of 11 and got signed to Atlantic Records by 16. Usually a young artist on a fast track trajectory may cause music aficionados to think “too much too soon” but Yates’ musicianship, mature songwriting and ripe vocals demolish any form of doubt that this teen is the next big thing. If you’re not #TeamAfro yet, you will be now.

WHO is Francesco Yates?

Francesco Yates is originally from Toronto, Canada and was inspired by the film School of Rock to become a musician. He’s currently working on his debut album with producers like Pharrell Williams and Robin Hannibal (Kendrick Lamar, Aloe Blacc), which is set to come out later next year. His single “Call” has gathered a huge following, including Complex, Buzz Feed and Justin Timberlake, and he just dropped a lyric video for his new song “When I Find You”.

Yates is currently performing all around the country but still squeezes in time to post amazing snippets of impromptu jam sessions.
WHAT is his single?

Yates made his “The Way You Were” video premiere in April of last year exclusively on JustJared. The video shows Yates emotionally distraught while wandering aimlessly in the desert. We get it, heartache will do that to you. The song was a great introduction to the young star’s songwriting strength and a year later in June, Yates released his video for “Call”. “Call” propelled the singer’s popularity and brought on #TeamAfro, a prominent hashtag/twitter family that passionately promotes this fantastic musician.

Also, that gaze and hair are a deadly combination. #TeamAfro #ForLife

[Credit: BuzzFeed]

Listen to “The Way You Were”, “Call” and his latest song “When I Find You” below.

“The Way You Were”

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