10 Rappers Who Are Way Too Quick To Beef

Artists have recently become a lot more sensitive to unkind jabs from their music peers, randos on the internet, and even totally non-existent slights. Simple misunderstandings have resulted in epic Twitter bombs and brutal Instagram comments that make headlines. The rap game is full of braggadocio, so we’re wondering why some MCs are getting so offended! We get that they’re artists and touchy about their ish (ode to Erykah Badu), but we’re not sure if dumb comments deserve such an extreme response. From corny rap beefs to random social media rants, here are some rappers we think need to get a thicker skin.

Kid Cudi

Cudi didn’t appreciate what he viewed as a low level of label support for his new album WZRD last January, and went on a Twitter rant about his lack of radio play. He just wanted an answer to his burning question, “Trinidad James got 4.1 million views on his hit (rightfully so), and I hear that jam EVERYWHERE. Wheres my f-ckin spins??? (sic).”

Kanye West

In one of many priceless Kanye moments, Yeezy went off on Twitter last fall to note that he didn’t like Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof of his BBC Radio 1 interview. He went on to insult the late night talk show host repeatedly, writing “SHOULD I SPOOF ABOUT YOUR FACE OR YOU F***ING BEN AFFLECK…#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL!!!!” He appeared as a guest on the show shortly after to confront the comedian in person.


The DMV rapper wasn’t too thrilled that his album The Gifted was left off of Complex’s50 Best Albums of 2013” list. So to straighten things out, he decided to call and threaten the staff. “I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking n****s the f**k out, he reportedly said in a furious phone exchange. We get being offended, but threats?

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has had more than her fair share of Twitter snafus, but her beef with Kreayshawn seemingly came out of NO. WHERE. Kreay jokingly retweeted a link from PornHub, which featured a Bank’s “212” video. Azealia was not amused, and the disses came hard and fast. “@KREAYSHAWN You’re a dumb b**ch. And you can’t rap. I’ll sit on your face. … Fall back slut.” Ouch.

Iggy Azalea

Snoop sent the internet ablaze recently when he made fun of how the Australian rapper supposedly looked without makeup. Iggy wasn’t having that and fired back at the Doggfather. “@SnoopDogg why would you post such a mean pic on insta when you send your body guards to ask me for pictures every time we are at shows…and every time I’ve spoken to you you’ve always been nice as hell, I’m disappointed you’d be such an a** for no reason.” Snoop has since gone on to apologize.


Ludacris wasn’t too fond of Big Sean crediting himself and Drake for making a particular rap style (the Super Duper flow) popular. Luda responded by taking subliminal shots at the two on his song, “Bada Boom.” He rapped, “Got more styles than any rapper in the game, 11 years and still counting, And y’all get a couple hit records, make some noise and have the nerve to start shouting.” The beef was eventually squashed.

Lupe Fiasco

Whether he’s sounding off about violence in the media or going off about uppity black people through his Twitter rants, Lupe’s polarizing ways have left some of us wondering how far his sensitivity goes.

In 2012, he defended his right to vote and called out some folks who thought otherwise. “Yo @rolandsmartin obama ain’t gone lose cuz of me and my raps dawg…Now I’m begging you bruh bruh. Sick of u uppity black ni–as hiding behind your political correctness…MLK JR would be ashamed of yall…we still dying in these streets..”


Common started a beef with Drake in 2012, first taking aim with a subliminal diss on his song “Sweet'” featuring the lyrics “Singing all around me man, la la la/You ain’t mutha—-ing Frank Sinatra.” Things escalated, and soon Common called out Drake by name on “Straight Schemin’ (remix).”

Common later admitted that the feud began over ex-GF Serena Williams, who was rumored to be seeing Drizzy. “For me, I think it was an emotional thing.  At that time I think it was the Drake-Serena situation, I didn’t know what was going on with that. ”

MC Hammer

Hammer was very touchy about a lyrical reference Jay Z made about him on “So Appalled” back in 2010. “Hammer went broke, so you know I’m more focused/I lost 30 mil’, so I spent another 30/’Cause unlike Hammer, 30 million can’t hurt me.” Hammer was pissed, making a song (and video!) called “Better Run Run,” in which he portrays Jay as rollin’ with Satan.

The result was pure (semi-intentional) comedy, but Jay Z’s response was even funnier. “I didn’t know that was on the table for discussion. I didn’t know I was the first person to ever say that [Hammer went broke]. Am I? I’m not, am I? I know I’ve heard that before, I didn’t think I was the first one to say it…He took it the wrong way, I didn’t know it was on the table for discussion. And I didn’t know that I said anything wrong!”


Meek Mill

It seems like the Twitterverse is the place to go when you need to air out dirty laundry, and that’s what Meek Mill during his beef with Wale earlier this year. Meek called out his fellow MMG signee for not helping promote his upcoming album, saying “Wale just ain’t gone tweet a thing about my album…. He’s been hating on me long time now …don’t even text me cornball! .” Did it have to be on social media though?

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