Joe Perry On Steven Tyler “You Can Love Your Brother, You Don’t Have To Like Him”

It’s no secret the sibling rivalry between Aerosmith’s “Toxic Twins,” A.K.A. guitarist Joe Perry and singer Steven Tyler, has been flaring up over the past few years. It’s gotten so bad at times they’ve almost come to blows. But as Perry said when he sat down with VH1 On Tap’s Nik Carter, conflict is to be expected when you consider the two’s long history. As Nick succinctly put it, “It’s complicated.”

Perry was in town discussing his new book, Rocks: My Life in and out of Aerosmith, which chronicles his road to stardom with the Boston hard rock quintet, and all the temptations and drama that came with it. It’s a great read from one of rock n’ roll’s most influential songwriters and guitarists. Watch these exclusive video interview clips where Joe takes at length about his relationship with Tyler and the cathartic nature of writing one’s autobiography and go to VH1 On Tap to hear the full interview.