Top 20 Countdown Premiere: Hit Up The Open Road With Train’s “Bulletproof Picasso”, Beyonce Threatens Etsy + More On First Dibs

Kid Rock calls out “piece of shit” Michael Moore for his American Sniper comments, TLC surpasses their Kickstarter goal, Kanye West confirms a new song with Rihanna and more on First Dibs.

  • Watch Train’s new video for “Bulletproof Picasso” and catch the on-air premiere this Saturday morning on Top 20 Countdown at 9/8C on VH1.
  • Beyonce wanted to stop the online retailer Etsy from selling “Feyonce” cups so she asked her lawyers to send the site a nice little note and they stopped immediately. Good decision, Etsy. [TMZ]
  • Kid Rock left a nasty note for Michael Moore and Seth Rogen on his website defending Chris Kyle, the soldier the movie American Sniper is based on. To sum it up, the note said Moore is a “piece of shit”, Rogen probably got molested by his uncle and both need to get punched in the face. [RS]
  • TLC passed their Kickstarter goal of $150,000 by $50,000 with a little less than a month to go. These fans wanted a new TLC album badly and now they’re going to get one.
  • Kanye West played his new collaboration with Rihanna at the iHeartMedia Music Summit and he received a standing ovation from the audience. [MTV]
  • Carrie Underwood is making the most of her precious baby bump.
  • Ed Sheeran, who doesn’t have a driver’s license and doesn’t know how to drive, was the first guest on the UK’s Top Gear and was asked to test drive a car for the show and of course, crashed it. [BBC]

  • Watch The Decemberists sing YouTube comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live.