Listen To Ed Sheeran’s Stunning Cover Of “Vincent” During ‘VH1 Storytellers’

Last night Ed Sheeran broke TV with his unforgettable live VH1 Storyteller performance in Dublin. Whether you were turning up at Whelan’s bar or home singing-along on the couch, it was an event you didn’t want to miss. He played hit after hit, including “Thinking out Loud,” “Don’t” and “Lego House,” but one that really stood out was a jaw-dropping cover of “Vincent” by Don McLean.

As he quiets the crowd, he explains that the song is the most beautifully written song, and holds significant value bringing back childhood memories with Poppa Sheeran introducing him to music and art. Now he invites his fans in on the personal connection by performing it for the first time live.

Speaking of first, last nights performance marks the very first VH1 Storyteller to be broadcasted on live TV. In case you were too busy or want to relive the awesome show check out the rest of Ed’s performance, including this version of “Lego House.” Watch below.