Madonna’s 10 Most Hip-Hop Moments

We all know Madonna is an unparalleled pop  and, erm, falling — force. However, the “Living for Love” singer has dipped her toes in many other genres throughout her illustrious career: EDM, R&B, rock and (perhaps most surprisingly) hip-hop.

The #unapologeticbitch is quite a fan of hip-hop, proven through her own musical exploration (like 2008’s Hard Candywhich was almost exclusively produced by The Neptunes and Timbaland) and interactions with rap artists. (Remember the Gap video she made with Missy Elliott in 2003?) In fact, her 13th LP Rebel Heart due out today  features both Nicki Minaj and Chance the Rapper on two very interesting tracks. Also, let’s not forget about the time she wore grillz. (Actually, maybe we should.)

Whether brilliant or awkward AF, Madge’s hip-hop experiments are nothing short of memorable. Here are 10 particularly noteworthy events.

1. The rap in “American Life” (2003)

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