Natalie and David Struggle To Figure Out Their Relationship in This 'Dating Naked' Sneak Peek

"Our relationship is so important to both of us. I think I realized it more when we didn't have each other for a moment."

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Following eliminations, Natalie is feeling a little lonely although David is right there for her in this Dating Naked sneak peek. Keeper David decided his time was up because he battles with commitment issues. Now, dater David is pursuant in mending his relationship with Natalie. Feeling defeated, Natalie finds herself overwhelmed on her quest for love and is fed up with David's insensitivity. After reflection, David and Natalie realize the tension between the two of them is absolutely ridiculous and saving their relationship is the most important thing. A little hammock time/cuddle sesh has upgraded the daters from just a friendship to something more. There are several dates left though, so anything can happen in paradise.

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