Bambi Says Scrappy Keeps Trying to Get Her Back and She Has the Countless Receipts to Prove It

"I don't know why I'm being tried, all I've done is move on and mind my business."

Bambi said she's officially done with ex-fiancé Lil Scrappy and that she's also done with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but apparently Scrappy has other plans. The Bam just shared several texts messages and e-mails allegedly from the Prince of the South proving that he's not done with her just yet.

In the series of messages, Scrappy continues to tell Bambi that he is working on himself and realizes now that he did Bambi wrong.

Bambi wrote,

"Lord knows I've completely removed myself from all the drama that surrounds this guy and his situations. I got tired of waking up and going to sleep [to] these bulls--t messages so I blocked him AGAIN. I don't know why I'm being tried, all I've done is move on and mind my business. I even told him to keep the money he owes me but every time I look up he's going out of his way to get my attention. I honestly, truly am Good. It's ok to leave a situation on decent terms but this dude wants to play games like a hurt female instead of really trying to get better. Don't play with me cuh...just a lil warning shot. If you gon say my name say it right."

Do you think these two are really done for good? Do you think Bambi is really done with Love & Hip Hop?

[Update: Scrappy's ex Erica Dixon seemingly throwing shade at Bambi and Scrappy's public messiness with her latest Instagram post.]