Get To Know the Names Behind the Most Expensive Celebrity Manicures

Zooey Deschanel Emmys


Katy Perry Daria Nails

Rihanna Grammys

Lindsay Lohan Sophy Robson

Jessie J Leighton Denny

Beyonce Bijules Nails

Kelly Osbourne Manicure

Jennifer Lopez Azature

Toni Braxton

Generally, when we get a manicure, it's at a local salon, costs less than $20, and will probably chip within, oh, one day after getting them done. But for celebrities who probably don't have to do banal tasks like cleaning, opening bags of chips, or taking out the trash, getting a manicure is a much more decadent affair. From Zooey Deschanel's $300 nail art to Toni Braxton's $1 million diamond manicure, these women are not messing around when it comes to dressing their talons.

We were lucky enough to speak to celebrity manicurists like Leighton Denny and Sophy Robson to get the low down on what happens when celebrities go large on one of their smallest body parts. With jeweled polishes from Azature and real gold from Red Carpet manicure, everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Ke$ha is putting their money where their hands are. And if you thought that was decadent, Beyoncé's manicure consists of nail "rings" — putting actual jewelry in lieu of polish to create an ostentatiously regal look. Check out our gallery to find some of the world's most expensive manicures, who's had them, and who's behind them, above.

[Photo Credit: @katyperry]