I'm Gonna Need To See That Again: Adrian Torres Proposes To Carmen Carrera

"Will you marry me again and be my wife?"

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On Wednesday night's episode of Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn we celebrated the engagement of Adrian Torres and Carmen Carrera. Although the couple is technically already married, this second proposal comes after weeks of counseling and is a symbol of their renewed love for one another. Upon their engagement Adrian commented, "It feels really good being engaged again. I feel really confident; I feel like a different man this time." Carmen, who first got married to Adrian with a male aesthetic, was beyond excited to get married again and become the bride she has always dreamed about.

Getting to this joyful moment was no easy trek for Adrian and Carmen. With the help of Dr. Jenn, Carmen and Adrian were able to focus on their communication issues. In addition, Carmen had a revelation about her transition and finally understood why she felt the need to hide her transition from Adrian.

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With the conclusion of couples therapy right around the corner, Carmen and Adrian's upcoming wedding is the perfect ending to their journey. Rewatch the beautiful moment above and share your thoughts/comments below.