Rick Ross, The-Dream, and Lenny S. are Giving Hustle Hungry Artists the Chance to Compete for a Deal on VH1's New Series, Signed

"Expect the unexpected."

What do you get when you combine Rick Ross, The-Dream, and Roc Nation's own Lenny S.? No, it's not the dopest pool party of the summer sin Joe Budden, it's a real a-- discussion about making it in the business from the hip hop execs themselves.

In this preview to VH1's newest competition series Signed, a few of the hottest moguls in the game speak on what it takes to secure a record deal in this business. Grammy-nominated artist Rick Ross the bawse talks on the difference between actually being signed and dropping a dope album. The process of getting on with a lit label is difficult for sure, and in this competition, Roc Nation exec Lenny S. is looking for talent and confidence. Lenny tells Rick how these young newbies to the game blow money fast without even knowing whether or not they have a career yet. The-Dream's advice? Well, it's to always stay humble and understand that you need to take notice of presented opportunities which allow you to level up. If you want to be an independent artist, that's cool but with a strong machine like MMG behind you, failure isn't an option. Nowadays, being talented isn't enough as Lenny S. explains. Your social media presence matters and with the amount of likes you get on IG as a dominating force, you cannot slip up.

The entitlement and vulnerability that comes with the internet could be a disadvantage so it will be interesting to see how these young artists compete. Tune in to Signed, Wednesday, July 26th at 9/8c and see who got it, and who simply don't.