Blac Chyna Gloriously Clapped Back at the Trolls Fat-Shaming Rob Kardashian on Instagram


Blac Chyna is the new queen of the clap-back.

The model and mother of Tyga's son fired major shots at a few Instagram trolls who fat-shamed her new boo Rob Kardashian, who gained a significant amount of weight and was diagnosed with diabetes last year. posted Chyna's words to its Instagram page yesterday. And they're glorious. So, so glorious. Here's what went down: Some nasty paparazzo took cheap shots of Kardashian, which trickled online as expected. It didn't take long for vultures to sink their teeth into these pics, hurling every negative weight-related insult you can dream up.

But bb queen Chyna caught wind of the f--ckery and quickly jumped to Kardashian's defense. "Y'all bitches need to get a life," she wrote. "Stupid weak hoes."

And the reading didn't stop there. "All bullies with no ambition no family no machine no money in your f--king 4 x 4 apartment," Chyna spilled. "Post ur accounts. Post ur cars." Damn. Tea is served. Check out the IRL evidence below:

We're glad Chyna has Kardashian's back, especially because he freakin' drove 20 hours to bust Chyna out of jail (see below). Fingers crossed a kiss-and-make-up sesh with Kim Kardashian is next.

True ~love~, people. It's real. This is it.