Issa Showdown: Sisters Angela and Vanessa Simmons Face Off in This Game of 'Hip Hop Card Revoked'

Which of these sisters gets to keep their hip hop card?

You gotta admit - there's nothing like a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.

The pressure is on in this game of Hip Hop Card Revoked not only because reality TV stars Vanessa and Angela Simmons are having a sister x sister show down, but also because they're the children of hip-hop legend Rev Run of Run D.M.C. We quizzed these gals on everything from the year Nas dropped his debut album to the two rap friends who coined themselves "Bugatti Boyz." It was the perfect mix of old and new school trivia, but did they triumph or get tripped up?

See which Simmons sister earns her hip hop card in the clip above, and don't miss them on Hip Hop Squares Wednesday at 10/9c only on VH1!