The Fact People Believed This Teenager Was a Real Gynecologist Is Beyond Deranged

WTF is "air therapy"???

Are you ready for your daily dose of insanity?

An 18-year-old West Palm Beach, Florida man, Malachi Love-Robinson, was arrested Tuesday for posing as a doctor and practicing medicine without a license, according to CNN. Love-Robinson was busted by an undercover cop who visited his office and received an exam and medical advice--which you can't give if you don't have a license.

The Daily Mail reports Love-Robinson claimed he was 25 and the CEO, co-founder and president of New Birth New Life Holistic and Alternative Medical Center & Urgent Care in West Palm Beach. The teenager attached the letters "PHD, HHP-C, AMP-C" to his name, but no one knows if these are legit or not. (He did have "M.D." in front of his office door, but it was strangely covered up when police arrested him. He claimed it was in the process of being taken down. Mhmm.)

And Love-Robinson's defense? He isn't claiming to be a "M.D." doctor, only a holistic one who doesn't see patients. Conveniently, Florida doesn't administer licenses to these kinds of "doctors." However, this is all fishy given the fact he was caught impersonating both a gynecologist (???) and massage therapist last year. Both of those do require some type of licensing.

Regardless, this is some f-ckery, and it's mind-boggling people actually believed this guy. (One woman paid him nearly $3500 to treat her "stomach cramps." -___-) If you look at the online footprint of "Dr. Malachi A. Love-Robinson PhD, HHP-C, AMP-C," it's pretty obvious this guy was fake, fake, fake. Let's break it down:

His bio, which is a whole lot of words that describe nothing.

Did he just put every word imaginable in front of the word "therapy" and call it a day? Also, "air, water, light and heat"?! What is he, Avatar: The Last Airbender? We're pretty sure "natural processed foods" is an oxymoron, too.

The fact that he won't say what his Ph.D is in...

Because that's not the "issue" here. But, like, it is.

Or how he says his "training" was just shadowing other doctors.

If I shadow a dentist, does that mean I can start giving root canals?

He claims he studied his craft for "a while."

But not "eight or nine years." So...does he mean like six months or nah?

And last but not least, his damn bio photo.

He looks 12. Actually 12. And that outfit screams Halloween Express costume. How are people this dense?!