Rick Ross Shows Just Brittany What It's Like to Live The Boss Life in This 'SIGNED' Highlight

"If you're gonna be amazing, let's be amazing together."

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It's no surprise that Rick Ross has taken a liking to Just Brittany, but to make sure that she knows where his head is, he decides to take her where any girl would die to go: On a shopping spree.

"I'm gonna invest my time in you. I'm gonna invest my ideas, you feel me? And all I want to see you do is blossom. You owe me nothing but to go your hardest."

Ross thinks that by showing Brit some love and attention, he's "recognizing everything she's bringing to the table: Her talent, her vibe, her look." There has never been a female artist signed to MMG, but Ross is hoping that if he can push Just Brittany to be her best, she'll change that.

As for Brittany, she's made her feelings very clear: "[She's] all for living the lavish life, but until [she's] rocking that MMG chain from Ross, [she's] not gonna let a damn thing get in the way of [her] goals." Love her or hate her, she's got her eye on the prize (and maybe a new bag and a few pairs of shoes.)

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