Cece Would Rather Leave Than "Funky Two-Step" With The Ladies of 'Basketball Wives'

"I'm not doing the funky two-step."

Everything was hunky-dory at the wig party until Cece decided to get the tea from OG about her beef with Kristen.

Malaysia andOG were starting to make up, Jenn and Tami weren't being weird, and Jackie and Evelyn were even keeping it cute. But Cece's curiosity threw all of that peace out of the window and got her labeled as someone who likes to "poke the bear and run." It was too late to defend herself because Jenn started calling her a "s--t-starter" and the whole happy ending conversation came up all over again.

With Evelyn and Jenn calling her stupid, asking where she got her nursing degrees and saying she's had too much botox, Cece threw up her hands and ultimately left the party.

Say what you want about Cece, but one thing she is not, is a "funky two-stepper." We don't really know what that means, but she made it clear to the ladies that she's over their drama.

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