Bella Hadid and The Weeknd Are Yacht Chillin' Amidst Breakup Rumors, Because How Could She Quit That D?

Let's be honest.

I feel like a proud mom.

For weeks, we semi-believed Bella Hadid and The Weeknd called it quits. Actually, no we didn't. When two people this fire get together, are we expected to believe they could part ways with a clean-cut break? Or without a romp-filled makeup sex session or five? I don't think so.

TMZ reports that the two were chilling on a yacht in Miami last night, and even have plans for New Year's Eve and the presumed-to-be sex god's birthday in February. I'm over here nodding like an idiot, giving internal props to my girl Bella because like I said, how could someone honestly quit that epic D?

Listening to The Weeknd is like immaculate conception. Or for the vigorous folk, white water rafting. Too much?

Either way, I know Bella is getting her life and I'm out here like:

2015 made.

Float that boat, girl, and if either of you drown, it'll be the best kind of drowning.