Cornballs On Deck: 'Love And Hip Hop' Fan Nicki Minaj Has Words For Kirk

"Having problems is one thing, broadccasting it on a tvshow for air time is another. that woman stayed by your side. how dare you?

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We learned two things last night: First, Nicki Minaj is a huge Love And Hip Hop Atlanta fan. And two, she will not tolerate a cheater. Nicki had no problem blasting Kirk for his hot tub antics (we know how she'd vote in our poll!) while she live-tweeted the show, calling him out for not sticking by Rasheeda and embarrassing her on national television. In case you missed Kirk's exploits, watch him have his fun with the ladies in the clip above, and then read Nicki's reaction tweets below. For the record, it looks like Kirk gave up his free pass, he and Rasheeda were spotted walking the BET Awards red carpet together on Sunday. Nicki, what do you have to say about that??

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