Kevin Comes Out to His Father in this Touching 'Black Ink Crew' Highlight

His father's love is unconditional.

After thirty years of hiding his sexual identity from his father, Black Ink tattoo artist Kevin Laroy is finally ready to tell his truth.

In this Black Ink Crew highlight, while Kevin is excited to see his father for the first time in years, he's nervous about opening up about his sexuality. The reunion starts off smooth with some calm conversation and a drink. They never had deep talks before. The nerves set in and Kevin explains that over the years he's been trying to understand his true identity. It's important that his father accepts that he is a gay black man. Kevin asks if all of this is okay to which his dad responds, "Have I failed you as a father?"

Although his father may not be comfortable with this truth right now, his love is unwavering and however Kevin decides to live his life is his business. It's a relief that Kevin doesn't have to live in secrecy around his father anymore. The love is unconditional and "Stan the Man" needs his son to know that nothing will ever change that.

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