Kirk is Nervous To Tell Rasheeda His Big News in the First Five Minutes of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

"Somehow, I gotta look my wife in the eyes and tell her some news."

They haven't spoken about Jasmine but Kirk has some things to tell his wife.

In this extended sneak peek of the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, a lonely Kirk wakes up to leftovers because he and Rasheeda are still separated. He's unsure if the two of them will ever get back to "where they used to be," but he is damn sure working diligently to make that happen. Since their split, Rasheeda has been ice cold as Kirk explains, "We talk about parenting and business and that's it. There is no talk about [their] future, and [they] sure don't talk about Jasmine and the baby." Breaking "some news" to his wife has him on edge, but he is hoping that once he does, they can just move forward.

Good luck, brother.



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