Fed All the Way Up with Evelyn and the Drama, Tami Left the 'Basketball Wives' Reunion Right in the Middle of Taping

Tami started the season by walking out of drama, and that's how she'll end the season too.

If you think Jennifer William's refusal to attend the reunion was going to be the only shock of the Basketball Wives reunion, you were definitely wrong because in the middle of taping, Tami Roman made an impromptu exit after growing tired of her funky two-step with Evelyn.

Tami apologized earlier this season for the things she said about Evelyn's domestic dispute with Chad Ochocinco and wanted to reiterate that she was sorry at the reunion. Unfortunately for her, Ev wasn't trying to hear it and called Tami a liar. Despite trying to rise above the drama, Tami clearly hit her breaking point of being vilified in the situation. She called Evelyn out for trying to e-mail executives that Tami does business with in an attempt to stop her bag.

Evelyn didn't deny it, but the conversation really took a turn when the frenemies-turned-archnemeses started taking low blows at each other about fertility. Tami started, "Non-embryo having tryna act like they was with Carl..." Evelyn clapped back, "I actually have a four-year-old son, my eggs still work, boo-boo. Thank you, no, yours are actually fried and burnt!" Feelings like the "fried eggs" statement was a jab at the miscarriage she suffered three years ago, Tami clearly got upset. Once it became clear that all of this back and forth wasn't going to lead to anything, Tami thanked the ladies for an incredible season and stood up to make her swift exit towards the door. It looks like Tami was serious when she told Pastor John Gray that she was done doing this with these ladies.

Do you think Tami should have sat and continued to hash out the drama with the ladies? Do you think it would have made a difference?