Kerry Washington Tries To Pretend That Kissing Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn Isn't the Best Job Ever

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to put the sexy Scandal leads in the hot seat. On today's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host asked Kerry Washington to answer a question fans have been wondering for nearly three seasons. Who's the better kisser: Scotty Foley or Tony Goldwyn? Her answer may not be what you'd expect...

We already knew Washington has possibly the greatest day job of all-time, ever. While smooching her two handsome co-stars is just another day at the office, all three admit things can get awkward on set. Although some scenes are hot and heavy, their respective spouses don't mind seeing them get down to business — except for Foley's wife Marika, who's requested he apply what he's learned at work to his real life ("Why don't you bring some of that home?!"). "You have a baby on the way, you brought some of it home," DeGeneres replied. Yeah, we bet he did.

The entire Scandal cast, including new addition Portia de Rossi (DeGeneres' wife), also revealed some of their biggest secrets. Find out what Foley did that makes him just as badass as his character, Jake, and which (very unlikely) cast member sleeps with a teddy bear every night. If this makes you even more anxious for tonight's season four premiere, join the club.

[Photo Credit: NBC]