The Bobby Lytes Interview: Bobby Regrets That Afro, Owns Up to His Messiness And Has Released His Latest Bop

"The music for me is super important because it’s my career and my passion at the same time. Soon the world will see."

This season of Love & Hip Hop Miami has been chock full of drama between Amara and Bobby Lytes, Jojo and Bobby, Prince and Bobby...okay, lots of drama involving Bobby. It ain't his fault he is a self-proclaimed "sucker for some good old shade!" But Bobby wants to take back the narrative and show everyone he's "so much more" than "the messy gay guy on Love & Hip Hop."

Fresh off of a stint at SXSW, VH1 got to ask Bobby Lytes about this season of Love & Hip Hop Miami, his love of all things messy and, most importantly, his music.

You love drama! Do you ever think that your affinity for messiness gets in the way of the music?

I’m such a sucker for some good old shade, but unfortunately that sh-t gets me in a lot of trouble. I hate the idea of people considering me the “messy gay guy on Love and Hip Hop.” I’m so much more than that--the fans know it, my supporters know it, the cast knows it, I know it! All of the drama I surrounded myself with this past season definitely took away from the opportunity for people to see just how talented I am. The music for me is super important because it’s my career and my passion at the same time. Soon the world will see.

There was a lot of beef this season between you, Amara, Jojo, Prince and Tip. Looking back, is there anything that you would have done differently?

Yes! There are so many things that I would have done differently, but most importantly I’ve owned up to my mistakes. I know that it wasn’t the smartest thing to wear an Afro to confront Amara, and my aggressiveness I could have done without. I also feel that I should have just stayed completely focused on the music instead of being so concerned with mending unfixable friendships.

You’ve spent that last two seasons trying to get Trina to see your talent. How did it feel when she originally took away your feature? How do you think you would have handled that situation differently?

I think that within the last year alone I’ve experienced a lot of growth. I mean, I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of support from fans all over the world and I’ve been able to learn so much so I can say today I’m a completely different person. I wasn’t as concerned about Trina taking away her feature because I knew that some way, somehow I’d conquer as I do all my obstacles. I was more so remaining persistent like the Bobby I am! I honestly would do the same thing all over again if I had the chance to revisit that moment.

What’s next for your music?

I have so much in store for my music. A lot of records have been made and I’ll be releasing them slowly but gradually until I gain enough momentum to release an EP or maybe an album; who knows! I’ll be releasing a record on 4/20 and also my song with Trina will be released this summer along with the amazing visuals we have set for the song, that is titled “Get The Bag” and it's a whole bop! I’m so excited for this one!

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Bobby Lytes responds to fan tweets about his friendship with Prince, his on-point makeup and his past beef with Trina and her assistant.