Top 9 Beyonce Bowl GIFs And Other Wacky Super Bowl Moments

As a collective we've all come to the conclusion last night's Super Bowl XLVII was in fact the Beyoncé Bowl (#BeyBowl), right? Good. Bey slayed the stage by live singing of course with something for the stans, the haters and everyone in between. Watching Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams literally pop in the air onto the stage in real time nearly gave Destiny's Child fans a heart attack. Thank the Internet gods for gifs. Here's nine of our favorite gif moments from Bey's performance. Enjoy watching them over and over. And over.

Over on Twitter fans were riled up behind R&B singer Keyshia Cole throwing shade at Michelle's performance. "I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my a*s up from my daze! She always f*ckN the groove up," she tweeted. The backlash was crucial, but really she tweeted everything normal people without a celebrity platform had already said. Everyone needs to chill.

And speaking of chill, Lil Wayne exhibited no chill at the game. He had a somewhat physical and verbal altercation with one of the cameramen. According to Wayne the cameraman pushed him and that set him off. He had two parting words that starts with an F, ends with a you.

[Photo/GIFs: Tumblr/Vulture/Getty Images]