Donna Considers Dumping Her Boyfriend Mo To Spare Him From Her Ex In This 'Black Ink Crew' Extended Scene

"It's crazy, breaking up with somebody that you love because of your ex!"

While she's getting her Serena Williams on, Donna seriously considers breaking up with her new boyfriend, Mo because of Maxwell's threats from prison.

After getting a pretty scary call threatening her and any man that's she's moved on with, Donna asks Miss Kitty and Young Bae if she should break up with Mo to save him from all of the drama.

While Young is giving Donna every reason why this is a stupid idea, Mo shows up to the courts with a tennis bag in his hand like he's about to practice his backhand. Being kinda weird about it, he tells Donna to open the bag and she starts screaming like there's a body in it. Donna pulls out the CUTEST dog and Mo tells her that he got Smokey because they have a long future together and Donna finally realizes that she's dating the real vagina slayer and would be a fool to break up with him.

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